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This site was established in Aug
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Addr: Changping town, dongguan city, guangdong province Sue pit administrative zone 134 industry along the way
Tel: 0086-020-81867546
Fax: 0086-0769-82328845
E-mail: zhongmaoxin123@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hokit-toys.com

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Ho kit trade line (processing) business: PVC soft rubber products, cartoon toys design, mascot design, development, toys gifts, military BingXie model, vehicle model, the exquisite armor sword, film and television theme toys, games, portrait, beautiful girl, star model, the Q characters, cartoon animals, the realistic characters, animals, miniature landscape, the religious boutique, travel gifts, and gifts, promotional items, daily necessities. Tide toys. Electronics. Game peripheral product design development and production of large-scale professional manufacturers. From graphic design - handboard model sculpture - mold making - to production - export. Product features: environmental protection, good toughness, falling, not easy to beat, etc., and the initial investment cost is low.
Our factory adopts the most advanced equipment to ensure the high quality of products, and the products are all in line with international environmental requirements. 2009/48 / EC. COENG; We according to the requirements of customers from product design - production - finished products, strict with each process, comprehensive, fully and in a timely manner to meet customer demand "quality policy under the guidance of customer satisfaction assured!
The company is sincerely looking forward to new and old customers cooperation guidance!
Thank you very much!

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Peach peach Mimi ball
22 cm batman hands to do(RMB:55)
Luffy hand do(RMB:25)
Huang trend of toys(RMB:6.5)
MEZCOThe ghost doll(RMB:65)
My neighbor totoro plush dolls(RMB:25-155)
BOI BOY assembled doll(RMB:7)
1:6Beautiful girl hand - bunny(RMB:155)
Funko series(RMB:25)
Teenage mutant ninja turtles movie version(RMB:35)
Assembly blocks(RMB:8.5)
power rangers doll(RMB:15)
Union doll(RMB:20)
Electronic recorder(RMB:15)
Q version of spider-man(RMB:21)
Star Wars: the white pawns black iron man cup
Transformers - hercules (RMB:40)
Commodities night-light young(RMB:10)
Inventory cell phone sets(RMB:1)
ThunderCats, Cheetara Mega - Scale(RMB:80)
Mezco Toyz 14(RMB:120)
The Green Hornet(RMB:120)
The dinosaur toys
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Addr:Changping town, dongguan city, guangdong province Sue pit administrative zone 134 industry along the way  Tel:0086-020-81867546    
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